Monday, January 9, 2017

Vancouver Rubbermen January Meet

We had a great time Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack! Even though not many rubbermen were there, we had a lot of fun putting each other in the sleepsack, straightjacket and vac-tower. I had brought a bunch of 'try on rubber' for anyone curious to try on, but no newbies or curious pups came behind the curtain to see what we were doing. God we need a better venue. Regardless, the guys there were ace quality and we had fun, and that's what counts.

Pics were taken by Xivenge™, BF and RD. Thanks guys!

What should the theme for February's meet be? I have to merge our event and Van-PAH's event into one poster for February and March (understanding that March is also the last VRM event before Rubbout....I think March will be a Rubbout kickoff event).

Some of you that follow my Tumblr may have noticed I posted some of these and some other personal rubber pics recently. On the suggestion from some of my younger friends, this is supposed to be another avenue to get exposure to Rubber Canuck, Vancouver Rubbermen and Rubbout. There will be more personal postings going on there in the future.

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