Thursday, January 26, 2017


Last week was pretty interesting. Lots of play interspersed with some responsible improvements to my fitness and such.

Mr. P was out of town for a good portion of the week due to his mother's surgery. He was being a good soon and spent the days in the hospital with her from Monday until Thursday evening. Because he was away I took advantage of an empty condo and worked from home for the entire week.

On Monday, my new fist trainee came over. DB2 (not related to DB who was over for rubber fun before Xmas haha) says he's committed to training for as many weeks required to take a fist. Wardog and I worked on stretching him for a good chunk of the evening, and after he left Wardog and I fisted and fucked each other. DB2 was happy with the session and came back last night for his second session. This time, instead of on the bed I had him in the sling where he loved the stretch routines, but interestingly asked me if I was shy as I hadn't made any moves to fuck him. I told him, "we are here for a reason which I'm focusing on tonight, but be warned that next Wednesday, when you come back, that I will fuck you mercilessly."

So, yeah, next Wednesday.....

Check out boy's perfect asslips.
Thursday evening an old fist bud Bctx came over. We took turns on each others asses. A very pleasant fist session. He has huge hands, I was enjoying being filled up so much by his voluminous paws, but asked not to be worn out as I was anticipating the play night with Wardog and HungryBull to take place on Friday...

Friday evening I had to work a change window, but as this was going on, HungryBull and Wardog showed up at the same time and it didn't take long for us to get things going. HungryBull was pretty anxious to get into the sling for some assplay. I got all three of us rubbered up...I put on my Invincible pig tank and leggings, Wardog in the Polymorphe tank and pants, and HungryBull in the Invincible assless wrestler.  HungryBull took to hopping in the sling and getting fucked almost immediately after we started by both Mr. P and I; Wardog would work his ass with toys and hands when I had to pull away for some work-related communications. We played with HungryBull's ass for quite awhile. I got into the sling for a quick fisting before returning to work, then Wardog moved in. He didn't last long in the sling as getting fisted on his back isn't his favorite position, so we moved him to the couch for some asswork on his hands and knees. As he was sucking off Mr. P, HungryBull and I worked on his ass at the same time. He was taking fists and stretching from both of us like a pro. He's such a good boy!
HungryBull in Wardog

Wardog had to work in the morning, so he eventually went to bed. Mr. P went to bed awhile after, and HungryBull and I spent the rest of the late late night working on each others holes. He left around 5:30am, I got to bed around 6:30 after some cleanup. Always a pleasure to play with this sexy boy.

We did our productive things on Saturday and then to Meat Draw. After we got home, I was tired and decided not to go to any of the events going on including the VML Play Party at Steamworks. Mr. P and I stayed at home, I donned my Latexskin two-piece catsuit for the evening and we watched old videos on Youtube. Not exciting, but cheap!

Sunday we did our big grocery shop, made food. I went to Pumpjack for Sunday Funday for awhile to see some friends, it was pretty lame, but I headed home to meet Wardog who came over in the evening and fisted me as he didn't get an opportunity to get in my ass on Friday night.

That made for four fistings in a week!  When things work out like that, my head and my hole are happy. I consider four quite a feat in a week, not that I can't handle it so long as it's spread out, just that the fortune to actually get four guys scheduled to fist me in a week is impressive.

I worked from home on Monday; Monday night Wardog and I went to the gym for our first workout session together. I am planning on getting a membership but money's really tight right now so I may have to wait until next paycheck as this one was bills and paying off my YVR-LHR flight. Next paycheck is giving Mr. P some money, paying off the credit card (which will also have train tickets in the UK and payment for our AirBnB in Manchester on it).....and then the saving for travelling and playing cash for the trip will begin.

All those manhands in boy's hole...
I took Tuesday night off to get some work stuff done....I know, unbelievable.

Last night as I mentioned, DB2 was over for his second stretching session. It went really well, I'm already looking forward to having his tight body and booty in the sling next Wednesday.

Tonight I've got a chance to play with a guy I've been chatting with on Asspig for some time. Hngrypig will be coming over for some vers fisting in the sling. We were originally going to meet at his place (ironically and conveniently he lives in the same condo complex as us, but in a different tower), but once I suggested the sling, he and I decided it would be a great idea. I love to host! Looking forward to playing with another experienced pig....someone who can do me over as well as I can him.

Tomorrow (Friday) evening, Wardog and I are working out early. I've just talked to Whatsup...who I haven't seen since before Xmas....he's had a month-long flu ffs.....he's got the play room free tomorrow night and doesn't work tomorrow, to the play room I go!

We'll be going to Meat Draw on Saturday, who knows what will happen Saturday night?

I've been missing Xivenge™ lately. With his schedule changes he's much harder to secure time from. I hope that we can get together for some rubber fun soon. I'm jonesing for some more hardcore rubber sessions soon. I think he's just bought his first catsuit from STR, so I hope that's in flight. Oh! Yeah and I forgot to mention, I bought 4m² of latex sheeting from Jenni at Deadly Couture last weekend with the intent of cutting four 4m latex bondage strips. Wish me luck trying to get this'll be so fucking hot once I have them to use.

Maybe this Saturday will be a good one to try and track down HotTop, Tr0uble or IrishStud for a good fuck. I realized last night that I haven't been the target of a good hard fucking in a loong time! Wish me luck!

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