Monday, October 17, 2016


Gumminese arrived in Vancouver Friday night. We took Mr. P to the River Rock Casino to play slots for his bday for awhile, then we went back to the condo and I put Gumminese in the sleepsack with electro, and proceeded to edge him, with a bit of breathcontrol and some hood changes added in for fun. He ended up stewing in the sleepsack for almost four hours! It was fun however by the end we were exhausted - it was 4am after all. We called it quits for the night.

In the morning we got ready and went to meet CJRos for lunch; Gumminese was on his way back to Seattle at 18:30 so he came back and grabbed his stuff before we left for Meat Draw in the afternoon and the two of them went and checked out Chinatown before Gumminese had to catch his ride.

It was great of him to make the effort to come up and visit. Such a sweetheart!
Check out his Tumblr: He's a bigger rubber pig than I am! :D

Mr. P and I stayed at home Saturday night, Sunday I curled and Wardog came over for cuddles in the evening...the stormy weather has completely sucked the energy out of me. Hopefully some of the activity this week will change that.

I have a booking with MetaverseXXX for a filming tonight, hopefully a good opportunity to get a good pounding; I haven't been fucked in weeks and weeks. There are lots of other things going on this week including Wardog's birthday on Thursday; I'm going to give his hole a hard workout as his birthday gift. Rob's 60th bday is on Friday; we're planning a surprise roast for him, and then on Saturday we're having a Shadow Falls Reunion Potluck out in the suburbs.

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