Thursday, March 17, 2016

Coming Up

Things are sooo busy with Rubbout, I am anxious to begin wiith, and anxious to get this all over with; there are so many moving parts and I feel, once again, that the support behind it all is tenuous at most. I still feel like no one is helping me promote these events; daily I am posting and reposting event updates to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the website, and no one is sharing or really giving a shit for that matter. It's all so frustrating. I can't wait until next year when everything is scaled down to bare bones and promotion is an afterthought, because I'll definitely be the first one to say, "fuck it".

Anyways....updates on me. We had a big software upgrade last weekend lasting four days, and this week has been dealing with all the aftermath we've come to expect with supporting this system and the crappy way it's been built, implemented and supported. I'm barely there this week and probably focusing more on Rubbout stuff than I should be during the day, but whatever, it's almost over.

Rubbout Kickoff on Friday night was fun and had a great turnout. The contest was hilarious and I think we got a lot of good pics with the DailyXtra! photographer in addition to our own. Pics will definitely be following.

We had Wardog and a friend over on Friday night after the Rubbout Kickoff (which went really well, incidentally). It was a lot of fun, I had to play top top top again but that's okay, B, the guy that Wardog brought was a lot of fun. Mr. P and I went to Meat Draw on Saturday and I won some chicken schnitzel which was amazing. Saturday night we went to a good friend's 50th birthday party, and during the party, his partner surprised him with a marriage proposal and a surprise wedding! It was quite the event.

Wardog was also over again on Sunday for a really fun session which left smiles on our faces for Monday morning.

Pub trivia on Monday was our night to shine. Our team won both rounds plus one of the bonus rounds so we really cleaned up.

Last night G, our (hopefully soon-to-be) boy was over for a great time in the sack. We are keen to have him over more regularly and he is keen too. I really want to get him on a hole-training regimen and he wants it too. Fuck, for a guy that claims not to be a very good bottom, he took dick last night like a pro, claiming he doesn't get enough manly touch....I'm game, I'll touch whatever you want, let's go.

We're probably going out for St. Patrick's Day tonight for awhile....I'm just keen to get this week over so I won't stay out late.

Friday I'm planning to stay home and go riding with EBCC Saturday morning now that the weather appears to be moving from winter-spring to spring-spring.

Saturday evening Almazmol and Wardog are supposed to be coming over for a hard-core rubber/gear/fisting session, which I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO. I haven't had a good rubber session in what feels like months. Almazmol and I have been looking for guys to join us - it's been a more daunting task than we thought. Everyone seems to be busy this weekend, and it's not even the long weekend yet.

Sunday will probably be a postering/card distribution fun.

I'm sure next week will be full of more Rubbout headaches and reminding people to get stuff done that they were responsible for. Waiting for Vancouver Rubbermen logo to get to printer, more signs for the Rubbershine boys, the Dancers and the Models for each of our rubber sponsors. I am waiting for shipments to arrive from more sponsors, a lot more printing to do, lots of 'one week to go' event postings everywhere, postering, card distribution, getting the 'Trip Down Memory Lane" content organized, coordinating with the other coordinators (volunteer, single event producers, etc.)

Next weekend is Easter weekend. Good Friday we are decorating Pumpjack for Rubbout weekend, then that night is the RUFFParty 5th anniversary where we will be doing some promotion and giving away Elemental tickets. Saturday night is the PLUR Sex & Shine Latex play party at 8x6. I am doing the vac-tower demos there again and will certainly be promoting Elemental Circus and Elemental Dance Party to the straightist attendees. That's about all I have planned for that weekend. I'm sure some other shit will come up.

The following week is coordinating bag packing, printer output, prizes, sponsors and then Liam shows up on Tuesday, we will be doing lots of promotion on Wednesday, and then the whole freaking things starts rolling on Thursday. Not much time to get some of this done!!! Wish me (us) luck.

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