Saturday, December 13, 2014

My White Tights

Lately I've been getting back into wearing my M.Stevens tights around the house. The white pair normally got the short shrift, but I'm quite enjoying them now. I always hope that someone is watching me when I go out on the balcony! :)

I love trying to get the crotch of the tights as high up as possible to cleanup the look of the lines of the buttcrack and crotch without moose knuckling my balls in the dance belt.....just like a proper ballet dancer. Does this mean I'm gay?!? LOL

These tights feel soooo good. I recommend M.Stevens men's ballet tights to anyone who asks.


rubberdc said...

PHEW....just blew a load looking at you in those word!!!!

meridian2260 said...

i wanna see more pics of you in ballet tights