Thursday, December 11, 2014


Had a great session with Wardog last night...we haven't played for quite awhile due to my travel schedule in November and the stuff going on with Mr. P.

Due to the bad juju at the condo, we booked the sling room at the Red Door facility. This is something I haven't done since Mr. P's health problems at this time last year and it's nice to see that The Red Door has done a lot more work getting the renovations(!) done. Generally this place is pretty quiet so it's nice to just go, rent the big sling room, close the door and focus on the tasks at hand. The option to open the door for other ones to check in and possibly participate is always an option in the future.

Considering the change in locale and the fact we were at a bathhouse with limited access to our favorite gear, it ended up being a lot of fun! I'm so glad Wardog is looking forward to us having our regular play sessions again...another one scheduled for next week! :-D

It's a relief for me too. I think Wardog is pretty sexy and of course he's a lot of fun. Getting to have something regular again will definitely help my mental state.

Despite playing until 2:30 (and knowing full well I was going to suffer at work today), it was completely worth it!

I was supposed to have another play date with Keystone tomorrow night. I've let him know that we probably have to do the same thing (ie. go to the Red Door), however now I probably have to work Friday night and possibly all day Saturday. I'm trying to get a hold of him to consider options but haven't heard anything back yet.

Three more Xmas parties this weekend, including the Vancouver Men in Leather/Van-PAH/Rubbout Kinky Christmas Party at HD Lounge. It should be a good party so long as I get work done in time.

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