Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The Summit...
I'm pretty excited; Rubb Nuck Jr. is coming over to the mainland to come camping with Mr. P and I with a few of our friends at Shadow Falls for the weekend. We have been having a lot of conversations this week about our relationship, he has been feeling a lot of anxiety about the fact that I am spending less time in Victoria now and he and I are not sure how to process the fact that he can't bring himself up to looking for a guy in Victoria that will devote 100% to him since I can't. I feel stressed about the situation; it really isn't fair to any of us.

Going forward, we have discussed making stronger commitments to visiting on either side of the Strait on the weekends. I think it might work in the short-term while we are adjusting to our new schedules and work/personal commitments but we just have to wait and see what the long-term will throw at us. Repeatedly Rubb Nuck Jr. and I have discussed the idea that we have to stay flexible and open while things work themselves out. It is difficult, definitely, but absolutely necessary. I am being selfish; I don't want to lose Rubb Nuck Jr. to another guy if it means cutting our playtime and relationship-building off, however all three of us know that we can't devote our energy to each other while we're living in different cities.

I think I'm going to do some research on-line on triads and see what the experience of others is. I would like to avoid some of the pitfalls others have had and most definitely keep our communication lines open while we work through the challenges of the next three months, six months, year. There is no doubt that what we are experiencing now will have to be acted on differently going forward even on the shortest timelines.

If anyone has any sage advice, I'd love to hear it!

In the meantime, we're planning for some fun this weekend. Shadow Falls is a gay owned and operated clothing-optional campground on the side of a mountain in the Fraser River Valley. It is a lot of fun and we always get into some kind of trouble. What are we taking with us? A minimal amount of gear, but we will find ways to stay entertained! I am planning on bringing the pallet wrap and duct tape to do a mummification bondage scene on Saturday, and of course douching equipment and inflatables :D

I've told Rubb Nuck Jr. I plan to have sex with him in the following locations near camp:
1. The Grotto
2. The Swimming Hole
3. The Dam
4. The Ridge
5. The Summit
Hopefully I can get most or all of those crossed off the list by the end of the weekend.

The only catch is the weather; the forecast is changing into something less-than-optimal...for all I know we may end up back in the city by Saturday if the rains that are forecasted to come actually dump some rain on us. We will have to wait and see! I do like having sex in the rain though. Until then, I will plan for some devious scenes in the woods! RC

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