Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh so skintight

My first Vancouver photo shoot...full skintight rubber coverage, reduced breathing (only the nostril holes - and later tubing - were open to the environment), bondage gear and lots of silicone polish!

I fantasize about some rubbertop/rubbermaster having me on a leash and parading me in the bar and on the street in this getup...completely encapsulated rubberslave, unable to escape or resist.

The tubing works well to keep the nasal passages open under a tight rubber hood and are fantastic for directing popper feeding.

I ended up inserting an inflatable buttplug and putting on a C&B sheath to finish myself off.

It just feels so amazing, so slimy and hot and stimulating over the entire body.


Patrick said...

Congrats Reid! Looks like you had a great time! You look amazing as ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reid,yep...I TOTALLY agree with Patrick,hot as ever!
regards Dcx

Anonymous said...