Monday, January 6, 2020

The Hole-idays

Well, despite what was generally considered a 'tame and chill' holiday season by most of my friends and lovers, I did manage to get a few nights and days of depravity in over the holidays.

I think for any of you that follow my Twitter, you have seen the results of many of these debaucherous pigfests, particularly with IvyHole and N33dfulthings. I love pigging out with these two, they are smart, handsome, fun, with experimental streaks. I also got a few sessions in with SemFolego, including my birthday sex party/fistfest which we had on the 28th. Mr P was off and on during the season, so wasn't really dependable, and unfortunately Mook worked the entire holiday season, and on top of that, he and his boyfriend, and a few other friends of theirs that are occasional fuck buddies of mine, were all on antibiotics! Merry Christmas, sluts! LOL

Some of the things I/we got up to between Dec 25 and Jan 5:

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