Monday, March 19, 2018

The End

I had fun with Mook on Friday and had special guest Willow over on Saturday night for a great fisting session. It was a relief to have my pooter worked over so well after a 3-week hiatus due to illness and an antibiotic regimen. Willow is always so good at opening me up, it's always a pleasure to set up play sessions with this sexy man.

Thankfully, it looks like everything's ready to go for Rubbout weekend! :D

I introduced Willow to deep assplay and fisting with the latex opera gloves. So smooth and slick, I think I just converted a new fan. As much as you can go for hours with the slick motions of latex gloves, we reverted back to hands for the last sessions of the evening. There's nothing more intimate than skin on skin, for both feel and control, as we all well know.

Here he is sampling the gloves before I hopped in the sling for my first session.

So the Rubbout guys have been intentionally not including me in the planning or execution stages for this year's event. I am very happy that they are intentionally excluding me so I can fully enjoy the event this year as an attendee...and that excites me! I have so many guys to catchup with, host, entertain and play with next weekend; it's going to be a whirlwind of activity and fun.

It sounds like most weekend passes and event tickets are now sold out. If you are planning to attend but haven't bought your event tickets/passes yet, what the hell is wrong with you?! This is definitely one of those events you need to plan ahead for as capacities for venues are always limited every year.

Reports forthcoming from the event...I can't wait to share them with you :)

THURSDAY UPDATE: Extreme fisting/fucking session with DB Wednesday night. After a night with Mook on Tuesday, where he voluntarily stopped from destroying me with the knowledge that I had a hardcore session scheduled with DB on Wednesday.

I went over to DBs place last night around 6pm; it didn't take long to get onto the bed where he destroyed my hole until 10 or so. We stopped for a nosh for 30 minutes, then he gave me one final fuck with his huge tool to blow my load. My pooter is nice and open today! It's prepped for the Rubbout weekend! DB and I have a devious plan to get myself (or someone other willing, open guy) into the fisting vac-cube at the play party on Saturday with a blindout hood, taking fists from tons of guys but not knowing who is who! Fucking HOT!

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