Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I just had to repost this fuckhole again when it popped up in my feed this morning.

Rubbout 27 was great; as expected, each year has a different vibe and this one was no exception. The Friday night Dance Party kinda ended up being a Friday night Chill Lounge, but that wasn't a bad thing; it was a great opportunity to engage in conversations and light fondling with guys I would otherwise be yelling into the ear of and only getting half of the response.

I spent Saturday setting up demo equipment and missed the Puppybowl, however I went to Pumpjack for  a couple of beers during the gear swap. Saturday night play party was fun; I spent most of the night running the vac-equipment. The party was wall-to-wall full; this may have affected the unbridled sexual energy that Rubbout parties are known for, however there was still a lot of fucking going on, don't get me wrong. Just not as depraved as previous years.

Me and the boys saved a lot of our fuck energy for home after the parties. Too many 6am nights make me a tired man haha.

And once again, I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES! AHH! At least Barry was the resident photographer again so I am anticipating checking out everything he captured over the weekend.

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Jim Drew said...

Saturday night was calm because I didn't make it up this year, obviously.