Thursday, June 1, 2017


Boots are always one of the most dominant accessories on a fetish man. I am a bonafide boot afficionado and guys find it amusing that I enjoy lacing up men's boots for them. Why am I not a bootblack? I am not quite sure - it is something that I may have to think more about as I truly do enjoy boots.

I think I have cited this site before, but I wanted to link it again as it it probably the most comprehensive lacing tutorial site out there. If you read a lot of the tutorials, you see how useful different lacings are for different purposes. Who knew??!!? ;-)

Ian's Shoelace Site

Straight bar is my standard for my boots, however there are so many more complex lacing patterns I'd love to try just for esthetics! If anything all kinky men should learn how to Straight Bar.

Straight Bar lace vs. Bar lace

Straight Bar

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