Thursday, February 16, 2017


I've been chatting to a few guys this week, remarking on my lack of posting recently. It's true.

It's been a hellish few weeks here weather-wise (Vancouver relativism not included), and I've been hit pretty hard with a nasty head cold the past two weeks or so. My sex drive hasn't been high and neither have my activity levels. It's that February lull we annually fall into up here I suppose.

I've paid off 95% of transportation and accommodation expenses for the trip to the UK in April, so there's that money to do anything.

In better news, my insurance claim from the accident is finally moving ahead, I'm getting some overdue adulting things done, and my PM exam application is slowly moving forward. Though I wanted to get the exam written before Rubbout, it's looking less and less likely as I procrastinate more and more *gah*

The trip is paid for basically other than amassing some spending money, which is good. I have six weeks to collect some cash (gawd, only 3 pay periods), and also have to consider Rubbout between now and then, though that will be comparatively a pittance compared to the UK trip.  At the moment, I have no new rubber purchases planned; I had discussed with Invincible having a couple custom suits made for pickup when I'm there, however I've decided to delay that and visit the Invincible shop when I'm there. If I see something that catches my eye while there, I will consider that at the time.

I have to keep in mind that RV season starts literally weeks after I get back from over the pond, and there's a sizable amount of money I need to have in place to get stuff moving out there as things will be in full swing by the end of May.

It doesn't look likely that there will be much to report about after this weekend either, as plans are still to lay relatively low, given I'm still not feeling 100% and broke. My shining light in all of this is Boy Wardog coming over this weekend.

Rodcubyvr and M are back in town so planning to meet up with them tonight. I've been chatting with a few of the fuckbuds recently but no one's up to committing to any place/time/activity at the moment. *sigh* This is always the time of year when everyone's battling winter fatigue....on a positive note, spring is around the corner!

Where does all the time go?

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