Monday, February 27, 2017

Friday Will be the End of Me

I had a pretty fun weekend. Ovrload came over to play with me on Friday evening. We were supposed to rubber up together but in his planning to get from point A to B to C in the evening, he forgot his rubber wrestler at home. No matter - I dressed him in Cellblock 13 spandex while I put on my black catsuit. We took turns in the sling....another situation of me expecting him to be a lot more of a bottom than he actually is, but once again this turned in my favour as I was able to experience three very prolonged sessions in the sling getting my ass worked over hard. I was able to add in my rubber headgear for two of the sessions, which was amazing for headspace. It was marvellous! He didn't leave until 6:30am, I cleaned up a bit and finally went to bed an hour later.

I didn't sleep that well that night, but Wardog came over for cuddles around noon before we headed to Meat Draw with friends. Wardog was pretty hung over from Friday night, so after meat draw we just came home and he, Mr. P and I watched movies in bed. Wardog fucked me briefly while cuddling but it was mostly a subdued lazy night.

Yesterday Mr. P and I went to a friend's Oscar Party - tons of fun and a great opportunity to see the Shadow Falls gang, some of whom I haven't seen for most of the winter.

This week to come should prove to be pretty good - Wardog is coming over tonight, we will head to the gym for a workout then come home for some more hole workouts, plus I think Daddy Russ is coming over for a visit tonight so maybe we can suck him into some play.

DB2 is coming over for his fist training on Wednesday night; as we were back at his hole after a two week hiatus last Wednesday, I'm expecting him to be back up to expected stretch this Wednesday and not be complaining so much as he was last week.

I promise this week not to go out Friday night....several Fridays the past couple months have ended up being opportunistic hardcore play nights which inevitably fatigues me for the rest of the weekend. There have been several Saturday night events that I should have gone to but missed since laying in bed at home seemed a much nicer alternative, plus when I'm tired I just don't perform up to standards I set for myself, therefore, 'what's the point?' I say to myself.

As this Saturday is both the Vancouver Rubbermen Rubbout Kickoff Social AND Testosterone at the Odyssey, I want to be in prime form for Saturday night! Discipline and restraint to save the day! haha
This is the unofficial Rubbout 26 Kickoff event!
....followed by this!

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