Thursday, August 11, 2016

Latest Views from the Falls

I realized I haven't posted pics of the improvements to the RV site at the Falls in awhile. We've done a lot more work including digging out further in the extra space behind the motor home, and Mr. P installed a urinal back there as well that's tied into the main sewer line. We've got drip hose lines covering the rock wall, the row of cedars, and the front flower gardens. We've set up all the lighting in the gayzebo with remote control and the disco ball is almost installed where we want it. 

We feel like we've finally got things set up well enough to do some serious entertaining now, so we're planning to host a Saturday afternoon tiki party this weekend! The Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts are on their way up now, I'm going to be taking the West Coast Express out to Mission City tomorrow after work.

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