Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fists at the Falls

I'm baaaaaack!

The week away was restful and healing....I definitely needed a week away from everything to get myself back together. The ribs and broken radius are still giving me a lot of grief but the tooth luckily is not and most of the surface cuts are healing/scarring as they are supposed to. I truly did come out of that accident very lucky. Just to think an extra 10kph could have changed everything, as could have the position of the car, or one of many factors changed just enough to have made this a devastating accident which would have messed me up much worse. The fact that I was 'this close' to a concussion or if the cut on my neck had been placed differently are evidence enough of this.

I am starting the dealings with ICBC, our provincial insurer. They are already giving me grief over the value of the bike and its replacement/repair, my work laptop (which was destroyed in the crash), and what would be claimable for lost time for work/travel/vacation, all of which I have no idea about. Mr P is pretty confident I will be hiring a lawyer and therefore on counsel I deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago.

As a result, Vancouver Fetish Weekend and Vancouver Pride weekend was disappointingly low-key for me; I was very sore from the accident and found myself tiring very easily. I did get to a couple of the VFW events, Friday night and Sunday afternoon, and Pride weekend I got out with friends to the Davie Street Party for awhile on Friday, went with friends to the Fireworks competition on Saturday night, marched with the Vancouver Rubbermen on Sunday at the Pride Parade. I'm very glad that we marched; I think it was great exposure and we had a decent turnout at the Van Rubbermen Pride event on August 6.

I found I wore down very early in the evenings and without lots of painkillers or booze I was pretty much down for the night. I didn't make any of the big night parties or anything, unfortunately.

Here are pics of the Vancouver Rubbermen group marching in the parade on July 31!

Fortunately, I had vacation booked last week, and this came as a gift from heaven as I was barely able to keep my shit together the week I was attempting to work...or more accurately build a new laptop as my old work laptop was destroyed in the crash. I was soooo looking forward to laying down for a week, so Mr P, myself and Wardog went up to SF on Monday after Pride weekend.

The weather here has been less than stellar for most of July and all of August so far; and this didn't change we were up at the Falls. Tuesday and Wednesday were cold and rainy so we spent most of our time around the fire keeping warm. Things finally improved enough on Thursday and Friday that I was finally going to be able to execute my plans for ravishing Wardog.

Wednesday night we broke in the futon in the Tiki Gayzebo before proceeding to a picnic bench late at night, now that the evening temperatures were getting back to seasonal normals. We planned to do some scenes around the property on Thursday and finally got around to that mid-afternoon. We ingested a bit of fungus and went hiking.

We had our first sex session at the upper falls, fucking and fisting each other before deciding to pitstop at the RV for a drink and more fungus before heading to the Grotto. There, we found a very nice mossy secluded area and continued our gut investigation of each other. I actually fucked Wardog there for an hour or so before we fisted, then decided to carry on to the lower Falls.

We headed down there and picked up where we left off...he fisted me to orgasm, then we jumped in the swimming hole below the falls to clean up before heading back to the RV. I couldn't believe the time; it was already 7:30pm! We had been out fisting at the various falls for four hours! How time flies when you're having fun!

We visited with friends for the rest of the evening, stargazed, went to bed. Friday I took Wardog back to town for work, Saturday I came back into Vancouver for the Vancouver Rubbermen Pride Meet and then returned to SF that evening for a friends bday party. We had a few more Volcano Bowls in the Tiki Gayzebo before heading to bed.

Sunday Mr. P and I did a bunch of yardwork on the site before heading back to Vancouver. It was a decent week though the weather did hinder a lot of what would have been lying around in the sun.

I'm back to work this week. We will be heading out to SF this weekend and hopefully as many weekends now in August and September until end of season. Here's hoping the weather improves....It's supposed to be 30C on Friday at the campground, maybe we will have a decent weekend up there!

In the meantime, I have a new boy coming over tomorrow night who wants to get trained to take fists so I've convinced him to commit weekly sessions for at least six weeks to have this happen. He's not starting as an assply newbie so it will hopefully not take too much effort to satisfy his needs. He's 25, super sexy, muscular, hairy....I'm looking forward to seeing him restrained in the sling for some great assplay sessions. We've committed to discretion so I doubt I'll be able to post any pics of him, but maybe home of him hooded, failing that at least I'll be able to describe him in lurid detail! LOL

Hope you're all having a great week! I'm glad to be back and feeling better.

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