Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Another Rubber Photoshoot

Last night, Mook, Higherlycra and myself did a photoshoot with InkedKenny. The shoot was to produce photography for the 2019 MN Events RUFF Party calendar. I was told this will be a rubber-themed shot for March 2019, which will be partially to promote Rubbout 28 which kicks off in early April. We did several sets, one on a concrete floor inside Pumpjack, then partially outside, then in the main bathroom.

It was a challenge.....given I always am asked to show up with a bunch of gear but no idea on what is required and what is nice-to-have, often we end up having to improvise something for visual consistency or what-have-you. Kenny went with the grey Russian gasmasks, and the variety of hoods I had worked but the one I was wearing already had a transparent latex visor, and with the gasmask overtop I was basically blind.

I had to be led around to the different shoot sets, and I really don't know what anything looked like! I look forward to seeing the photos and what is finally chosen to go into the calendar :)
More candids and official pics to come....
Here are some of the post-shoot shots!

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