Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year Journey

Well, 2018 has been a pretty phenomenal year so far. The holiday season wrapping up 2017 was full of fun and friends plus a lot of play on the side!

Mook has been spending a lot of time with Mr. P and I. He spent most of his time at our place over the holidays. Wardog was in and out a few times but the four of us practically cloistered ourselves in the condo for the three days from Christmas to the 27th.

I worked Dec 27-29, which I really regret now. The way the holidays and stats fell this year, it didn't really feel like I got a break more than two back-to-back long weekends. Next year I will not do the same.

We went to the Spank 13 party at Vancouver Art & Leisure on Saturday. This was the first time I rubbered up Mook entirely enough that he was majorly covered. We had a fun albeit short night and he really appreciated being able to go out with me in rubber and work through some of his anxiety. And he looked sexy as fuck to boot!

Instead of going out for my 46th birthday and New Year's Eve on Sunday, Mr. P and I decided to host an orgy. Mook, Wardog and DS were all enthusiastic participants; we did ask a few other guys to come, or pop over after their respective parties, but no one else came. We had a great time nonetheless. Lots of fucking, fisting, and a bit of time on the double-ended dildo.

More sex on New Year's Day, but it was mostly a day for recovery.

January 6th was the first Vancouver Rubbermen meet of 2018. The turnout was spectacular! Lots of great energy and this even culminated in a bit of sex going on in the back area of Pumpjack at 6pm. I had asked N33dfulthings to join us for the day in rubber, he happily obliged. Unfortunately, Cjai92 and Almazmol, who I had kind of had in mind when planning a rubber night on the 6th after the meet weren't able to attend. So it was the three of us (myself, Mook and N33dfulthings) Mr. P and another guest, our friend . It ended up being an amazing night, culminating in N33dfulthings and myself playing hard in each other's guts for quite a long session. The guys left quite early around 11pm (We had been going in rubber since 1pm, after all!), which gave Mook and I ample opportunity to play around in each other's guts for even longer into the night.

On Sunday January 7, Mook and I had decided I was going to give him an immersive rubber experience. After I got home from curling mid-afternoon, we rubbered up head-to-toe. I was a bit apprehensive that he wouldn't find it that comfortable or natural, however he ended up loving the entire experience. I got butt plugged and put in the sleepsack under the rim chair to eat his ass for awhile. Then once out, I put him in full rubber gear, including full hood and then hooded gasmask and finished him off in the sling. He loved the entire experience and wants to do it again soon! I'm hoping to rubber up again on Friday night....he wants to play with a rubber puppy ;)
Sexy sexy fucker
This Saturday is the VML monthly social at Pumpjack. I fully anticipate we will rubber up again and get dirty with the boys at the club again before coming home and fucking our brains out.

I'm always looking forward to the weekends, but Mook's awakenings are stirring my excitement even more! :D

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