Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The King's Choice

Reader Goran from France pointed me to a Chinese latex site on Taobao which appears to sell custom rubber suits and gear to men at the site TOPMAN: The King's Choice. I appears it's directed at gay men in particular; the photography might indicate this isn't a big assumption to make as there is lots of homoerotic imagery and loads of tight latex on muscular bodies. Gorgeous photography, actually, and some previous postings of mine might allude to some of the series highlighted here.

Model lines: Honors, Showstar, Equueus, Polo, Johnson, Hades, Pisces, Dark King....not gay at all.
Anyways, thanks for sharing, Goran! There's some sexy photography here!

It claims the styles are crafted in Europe....not so sure about those claims, but....the imagery.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, their page has a lot of shopped/stolen photos from Slick It Up, so I wouldn't send any money their way.

MB said...

They also use pics with the same model as Latexcatfish. Wonder if there's any association there?!?!