Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Swing of Things

Now that the summer is dying town and the blast furnace temps are cooling, I've been covering myself in latex more and more. On Saturday, I had a great time reconnecting with an old fist bud Ovrload who recently moved back to Vancouver from Calgary where I had an opportunity to completely gear up in one of my fisting catsuits, and I played with Wardog on Monday and wore basically the same gear. 
Now that Mr. P and I are back in town fulltime, I haven't slowed down on setting up some great fisting sessions. I got into a new fist bottom (to me) last Monday and have strongly suggested he start practicing his fist topping as this will open up a whole category of vers men to him, plus he's got nice small collapsible hands! He'll be so popular! On Tuesday N33dfulthings punched me hard prior to leaving on his Palm Springs (cancelled RoseBowl) and San Francisco (Folsom) trip with Oraclesod. Wednesday, Wardog beat my hole mercilessly, Friday I fucked an old fuck buddy I hadn't seen since before the pandemic, then Saturday was with Ovrload. A lot of good times with sexy slutty favorite!

Getting together with Alfanumerik and Wardog for a group sesh on Saturday, I'm not sure what the rest of the week is going to bring yet...

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