Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Can I just state here how fortunate I feel to have found Alfanumerik as my most amazing rubber pigbro? We are enjoying our time together to the max, particularly in this scenario of pandemic where we have to limit our exposure with others....all I can say is that I couldn't be happier that I've had to limit my exposure to him only! We have so much ffun on Saturdays. We are exposing each other to so many fetishes and kinks - it's definitely a collaborative twisted perverted endeavor. So piggy, so gross, so much fun. I can't say how fortunate I am to have found him. And he found me. We are loving our brotherhood to the max. Love you, pig bro!

Friday, March 5, 2021

Another Sluthole

My amazing Pig Bro working my hole last weekend immediately after having the Thickwall Cylinders Rosebud Pumper on me. Fuck he gets me so horned up and open!


The two vids about the guy taking fist in the middle of the beer bust always make the rounds every few months. Being in such a situation make you feel like an accomplished slut. It's happened to me twice ;)

I was at a play party at 8x6 a few years ago, after the party was over and we were cleaning up, a guy I know came up to me in the transition area, got underneath me and put his arm in my hole without any preparation. I had been opened up and pre-lubed (obviously) during the party, but to have it happen on-the-fly like that was amazing. What a pig! LOL


I am lusting after these two. They are both so freaking handsome. Coincidentally they are both European FinDoms 🀷‍♂️

Thursday, February 18, 2021


If I have posted this thirsty clip before, I apologize, but I have to admit, I've been crushing on this man, his Daddy and his partner for years now. I recently chatted with his Daddy, who I've known socially for a long time, and found out there is mutual admiration there. We agreed that some day when we are able to travel borders and see each other again that we'd plan some ffun together. Here's hoping I can finally relief some of my fan crushes with some of these superhot men! :D

Rubber Cunt Destruction

 I can watch Greasy20 and Drexrub destroy each other all day, every day...

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Musclerubber Clear Coat

 I shudder every time I see a hairy solid masculine body wrapped in skintight transparent is truly a sight to behold...sigh....

Pig Fun

I had one of my cute young play buddies over for some predicament bondage and rubber play this weekend....we haven't even seen each other since before the pandemic, never mind play together. It was a wonderful you can expect, his moaning in the video on Twitter has become very popular! He's so fun to make suffer....he can't get enough of it!

Metal Pig

Happy belated gong hei fat choi/gong xi fa cai!

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, being born in 1971 means that I'm a Metal Pig (appropriate). 2019 was an Earth Pig year, the next Metal Pig is 2031 (that means 60 years have passed since the last Metal know what that means, yikes!)

Personality: Metal Pigs are outgoing, merciful, friendly and broad-minded. With a grateful heart, they would reward people who have aided them. Generous and faithful, they are peace lovers who never stir a trouble actively. As for others’ faults, they seem very forgiving. However, they are kind of lazy, pursuing relaxing and easy life.

Career: In work, they love thinking and analyzing, and their capability will be recognized by leaders and work fellows. Lacking activeness, they need to cultivate their persistence and willpower. If they are more prudent when making decisions, the possibility of success would be huge. Salary increase and promotion will come along as they make breakthroughs.

Wealth: Their luck of wealth is nice, especially in their late life. Nevertheless, they are not good at financing. Spending without budget may bring them financial crisis. They’d better form a habit of making savings considering the future crisis. It is also possible to try some small amount of investment, which could increase their wealth.

Love: Their expression for love is quite direct, neglecting others’ emotion. Once they feel special for someone, they could try their best to pursue them till others are touched by their true heart. For married Metal Pigs, their relationship is quite stable and harmonious.

Health: More care should be paid to the bone and joints’ problems, and proper calcium supplement is good for their fitness.

Thanks James Newland for the fantastic and appropriate parade of pigs depicted above!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hotline Bling

Originally posted by Pup Finn, this thread was too freaking funny not to share!