Friday, June 17, 2022

Rubber Pride 2022

This weekend, Vancouver Rubbermen are going to resuscitate the monthly Meet + Play events, 2-5pm at Pumpjack (on the third Saturday of the month, generally). This is the first event since February 2020! Everyone seems really keen and excited to get things moving again; I can say it's symbolic at least that community groups are starting to host events that get everyone close and squishy together. 

This is good timing for this, since the July event on the 23rd will tie into Vancouver Fetish Weekend; I've already been in touch with the VFW Producer and he's keen to have VRM get involved with VFW much the same as we did a few years before. This is a pretty cool progression. There will be pics to come of the upcoming event on Saturday. We'll also be raising a toast to our brothers in Manchester, who will be hosting the 11th Manchester Rubber Weekend at the same time as we're sucking each other into vac-beds and sleepsacks.

This past Wednesday - June 15 - was International Day of Latex (IDOL, or in Spanish as I discovered, DIDL). A few of the rubber guys joined me with the Vancouver Men in Leather group who do a weekly Wednesday dinner at Junction and drinks/karaoke at Pumpjack. It was pretty fun and the best IDOL event we've pieced together to date. I'll be sure to encourage a bigger better IDOL next year.

So there is lots for our club to consider. I lost a good portion of the equipment I previously brought to the events and let everyone use, thus there is less now to do demonstrations with. I think it's a good time for me to start considering sliding out of the lead on these groups; as much as I am older and have more money for my own gear and equipment, I don't think it's right that I should be responsible for all the cleaning, repairs and organizing anymore. I don't have time for it anymore with everything else that's changed in my life over the past few years. It's time for the torches to be passed and it's time for the younger guys to step up and assume responsibility for their own destinies and outcomes and create visions for the future of what they want group fetish organizations to be and what they are meant to represent. I would like to see more guys donate their own equipment more, but ultimately that the Vancouver Rubbermen start to build their own inventory of equipment - that there be processes around what gear to get for everyone's use, who gets to use stuff when, who is responsible for its upkeep, where is it stored (a huge consideration in Vancouver!), and how it is shared.

I've had a few chats around this, and a few think that annual membership is the way to go, but I still think there is more to be discussed around the who, what, where, when just listed.

I feel it is the right time to get things started again, then step out. These guys need to realize that everything they had before the pandemic isn't the case anymore and they have to be more accountable for the fun that they want to have. I am hopeful that I'm going to be pleasantly surprised by what happens next. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Switch Visit

I had a very fun, intelligent, handsome rubber guy come visit me on Boxing Day. We tested out the vac-tower...unfortunately another piece of rubber equipment that didn't weather pandemic storage very well. That means two our of four vac-bondage devices are going to require appreciable replacement/repair....this spring is going to be a season of reckoning indeed. 

Regardless we got him in the vacbed for a good session then I had some fun teasing, breathplaying, and torturing him in the sleepsack. We did some final bondage in the straightjacket and gear before I set him free. This one will also be coming back to turn the tables a bit and try some new uncompromising positions! 

Thursday, December 9, 2021


Anal Sheaths 😍😍😍

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Submissive Visit

I had a handsome submissive come over for a session last Sunday. He took to the rubber and bondage like an experienced pro. I started with him in the vacbed with his chastity on, which I removed before putting him in a catsuit, then locking him in the sleepsack with electro and the rebreather mask. The scene was amazing. Afterwards I locked him in restraints and throat fucked him before finally putting up the sling and eating his exposed ass while he was locked in place in the sling. So much fun! 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Drone Unit Inspection

Rubber brotherhood ❤

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Swing of Things

Now that the summer is dying town and the blast furnace temps are cooling, I've been covering myself in latex more and more. On Saturday, I had a great time reconnecting with an old fist bud Ovrload who recently moved back to Vancouver from Calgary where I had an opportunity to completely gear up in one of my fisting catsuits, and I played with Wardog on Monday and wore basically the same gear. 
Now that Mr. P and I are back in town fulltime, I haven't slowed down on setting up some great fisting sessions. I got into a new fist bottom (to me) last Monday and have strongly suggested he start practicing his fist topping as this will open up a whole category of vers men to him, plus he's got nice small collapsible hands! He'll be so popular! On Tuesday N33dfulthings punched me hard prior to leaving on his Palm Springs (cancelled RoseBowl) and San Francisco (Folsom) trip with Oraclesod. Wednesday, Wardog beat my hole mercilessly, Friday I fucked an old fuck buddy I hadn't seen since before the pandemic, then Saturday was with Ovrload. A lot of good times with sexy slutty favorite!

Getting together with Alfanumerik and Wardog for a group sesh on Saturday, I'm not sure what the rest of the week is going to bring yet...

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Summer Update

I just got home from six days/six nights at Shadow Falls with Mr. P, Mook, Okuma, and Pup Satyr. We spent most of the time eating, nude sunbathing, cooling off in the waterfalls, and railing Mook for his birthday. It took a few days for everyone to decompress from work and get into a vacation schedule but after that happened everyone managed to relax and we all got to have some fun enjoying our time off. We headed back into town last night; I messaged N33dfulthings about getting together for some Drag Race, however he and ProPunch96 were having a fist session so they invited me over. I'm hoping that Pig Rav will be available before the weekend, however I hope that he will be around next week to play in each other's guts. Anyways, thought I'd provide an update as Blogger is suffering while Twitter is winning my affections :-\ A few weeks ago I was visited by my old rubber fisting buddy Almazmol. He married and moved to Victoria a couple years ago, eschewing his old interests. In the process, all of his great rubber outfits were being unused, so he got in touch with me and asked whether I wanted to have his old stuff. He suggested that I could sell stuff at the right price, however I told him that I expect that he will return to the dark side someday so I was okay to hold teh stuff for him until that day. He dropped of his Captain America suit (video below) and his industrial steamer suit. I plan to get into the industrial suit tonight.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Cover Me

I was flying solo for the first time in awhile this weekend, so it was a great opportunity for some solo rubber play. It was nice to bring out all the gear, new and old and breathe some life into it! I'm loving the new catsuit and accessories, they go so nicely with all of my old restraints, harnesses, and masks. Of course I had to finish it off with some condomhead breathplay.