Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bar Poster

Vancouver Rubbermen have the opportunity to put a permanent VRM Meet + Play event poster up at Pumpjack Pub and Junction Pub where we hold our events. It was meant to be a hi-rez 11"x17" and will be posted in the back area of the bar where we set up our play and bondage equipment.

Third Saturday of each Month....come out and join us!
What do you think? Paul at Invincible Rubber has kindly allowed us to use this image in any of our promotional materials. In addition to the December play event (obviously.....a rubberman in festive bondage strips/gift wrapping), this image is perfect enough and brilliant enough to provide an eye-catching impact on the wall of a dark bar :)

Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play Posters

J and I finally got the VRM Meet + Play Event posters done last night. I think they look pretty good!

Monday, October 15, 2018

My Type of Fist Pin

These were designed by Dimitrii Dmitriev for Regulation London.

Bluzee Drone Conversion

I think I need that modified gasmask....!!!

Rubberstud of the Week #548

Friday, October 12, 2018

Daddy Issues

Play Days

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend extended sex session with Mr. P, Mook and DS. We started early on Sunday and went to about 7am on Monday morning. We started with a turn each in the vac-cube. I managed to be the one that actually got fisted in it. After that I put DS in some latex, put on a rubber tank and jockstrap myself, and then we each took 2 shifts as bottom in the sling. Everyone got turns topping and bottoming, fucking and fisting. DS got Mr. P's load, everyone basically got a fuck by everyone else. So hot.
Fists, fists, more fists please.
We tried a layup of the sling/fuckbench/rim chair combination which worked a bit, where I was fisting DS in the sling from the fuckbench, while Mook was fisting me from behind the fuck bench. Then we did some toy play and finished the evening with Mook and I jumping on each end of the double-ended dildo and sliding it back-and-forth between us. So fucking hot.
I was taking fists up my pooter like a champ on Sunday night.

I love my sex with these guys, I hope we can get this going regularly throughout the winter. Saving money by staying home and ending up with more fucking and fisting in gear than we would have had we gone elsewhere for it haha
DS hot butt in the rubber chaps, and how he looks legs in the air and toy in the butt in the sling...

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Rubber @ VML Leather Social

Next Saturday is the VML Leather Social - RUBBER theme! Vancouver Men In Leather and Vancouver Rubbermen cum together for a night of shine and leather at The Pumpjack Pub Saturday October 13th! GUN OIL will have FETISH Brand silicone lube on location to keep your rubber slick and VML will have a Bootblack in attendance to keep your leathers clean! Swag by Steamworks Vancouver to end your night right!